How a Subscription Website Can Make Money Online

A subscription website can make money online in a number of ways. Most people using what is generally referred to as internet marketing use affiliate marketing as their primary means of income. While selling other people’s products can certainly be profitable, it takes a lot of work because affiliate products have a limited life before they have to be replaced by others.

What that means is that you have to be continually looking for new products to promote, design websites or blogs to promote them, and then start all over again once the initial sales impetus has passed – sometimes just a matter of days. Subscription websites can be used to sell affiliate products, so you can make money just as those other affiliate marketers do – only you have one significant advantage with a subscription site.

That’s the subscription itself: you have a guaranteed income every month from each of your members without all the work needed to generate new sites to promote affiliate products. Not just that, but you can increase your membership on an ongoing basis. Every subscription site member means more regular income – each month, every month, for as long as you keep your membership happy.

So how does it work? First you need subscription website software to set up your business. There are several good options available online, but the best will allow you to customize your site or use it with your own websites. The following are the basics of what you should be looking for:

1. Personalization

Subscription websites should be unique. There are many membership sites online where you cannot change anything, and everybody that uses them has the same look to their site and some cases even the same name. In many cases they must all sell the same products. That’s no good if you want to brand you own name onto your site.

The subscription site software you choose must permit complete personalization – you should be able to give it your name, your logo and even your own domain name. It should be identifiably and uniquely yours. If the software demands that you retain the name of the vendor, then give it a miss.

2. Customization

Customization and personalization are different things. Subscription websites should be customizable in that you set up your own content and your own look and feel to the site – even if that is carried out with the cooperation of the vendor.

The best types of subscription website software enable you to use your own website from which to run the membership site, and the software simply runs in the background looking after the logins, subscriptions and so on. Your membership sites are then completely yours, and other users of the software will not be using the same template as you are using.

Your content should be what you want to have on your subscription website, and not what is forced upon you by the member site vendor. A good package will enable you to design all your content in advance and then trickle feed it onto the site month after month, so that your members get a regular inflow of new material that can also be used to build up a good portfolio of content for succeeding new members.

3. Products and Sales

While the bulk of your income will come from monthly membership payments, you should also populate your site with relevant affiliate products. It is important that these relate to the topic of your niche, and they can be in the form of eBooks, software or even physical items that your members can purchase from your site online.

You can change these regularly as they come and go in popularity and each should be offered from its own pre-sales page, containing your affiliate link that leads interested members to the vendor’s sales page. Your job is to explain the benefits of the products to your members, not to sell the products: leave that to the vendors.

If you are clever, you can use at least a section of your subscription website to train members in certain aspects of the niche. Occasionally – but not always – offer a product on the site that will help them, either in their training, or to solve a problem they may have, and then offer your affiliate link to the sales page for that product. Don’t do it all the time, because all of your training pages should not be seen just as presales pages.

It is more important in the early stages of each member’s subscription that you are seen to be helping them, not just trying to make money from them. When you do offer a product it should appear to be the natural offer of software or an Book that offers genuine benefit – not just you trying to sell them a product for the sake of it.

A subscription website can help you make money online if you have the correct member site software that you can use to personalize and customize and use with your own websites. Make it unique, and do not use your site as a blatant sales site but to gain your members’ confidence in your knowledge and ability to help them. If you can help your members with their problems and help them to make money themselves, then they will stay with you. That’s why they joined.

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