Champions Strive For Greater Competence

“Information is the booby prize. The real prize is competence.”

- Larry Wilson, Founder, Wilson Learning Corp.

The key to better results is increased competence! How do you rate in terms of competence to the most successful people in you business niche?

Amateurs are frequently good at memorizing and learning lots of small packages of information. Which is what you are taught in school. Champions know that memorizing information in this age of computers and the internet is available to anyone. Therefore champions focus on becoming competent in what they do, and leave the information gathering to others. Champions spend their time building and improving their skills, knowledge, and attitude. This laser guided focus channels energy to the building blocks of their competency.

What are your beliefs? Think about this. How important is the process of creating world class competence to getting world class results? Or how about this. How do you think a person develops a greater skill or competence in your position? And what do the best performers in your business niche do to continually improve and upgrade their skills?

The armature and middle class believe that success is about luck and not competence. That they have world class competence in their job, but are still getting middle class results. And that success is about, who you know, not competence.

Professionals have these world class beliefs. They Believe that world class competence leads to world class results. The more competent they become the more they are worth in the market place. And that this greater competency comes from ongoing study and experience. This approach and these beliefs put professional performers in constant demand from corporations and organization seeking people with world class habits. For the home business entrepreneur it puts them in a position to attract others and of course maximize the profits in their niche.

You may find these questions shocking. Think seriously about them. On a scale of 1 to 7, 7 being the highest, how competent are you in your job or profession? How competent are you compared to the people you admire the most in your business niche? If your level of competence were to continue to improve at its current rate how long will it take you to manifest your ultimate vision?

If you are a true champion your thoughts will point you towards some kind of actions. What steps have you taken in the past to improve your competence in your profession? And what actions could you take in the next 90 days to dramatically improve your level of competence? Create a list of the three most important activities you must continue to improve. Now make a commitment to invest the time beyond what you are doing now to study. One hour extra per day in your chosen niche will make you a national expert in five years or less!

In Conclusion – Amateurs will stay up at night worrying about job security, while the pros and the true entrepreneurs are quietly creating their competence. The future belongs to the competent both in the field of their expertise and in terms of controlling their emotions. But then again, it always has.

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