6 Website Backlink Tips That Work

The best long term strategy to make money online is getting backlinks to your website. This is not hard if you understand what works and then spend time doing it. Of course you can also pay someone to do it which is an even a better use of your time.

Here are 6 valuable Internet marketing website backlink tips.

1. Go slow. Search engines are suspecious by nature. If you go from zero backlinks to thousands in one day you actually do more harm to your site than you do good.

2. Quality backlinks. Getting a link pointing back to your site from another site with a high page rank is better than hundreds or even thousands of backlinks from sites with no page rank.

High PR Society is a good place to buy some high quality backlinks. LinkWorth is another.

3. Quantity backlinks. It is worth your time and money to get a large number of backlinks over time as well.

This gives you some good variety in the kind of links you’re getting. It can also bring you in traffic as any backlink is a potential traffic source.

The key is to drip these kind of backlinks at a slow but steady pace. Don’t purchase a large quantity and have them all show up at once.

4. Deep linking. Over time you should be adding good quality content to your website.

Link to these pages from your own pages. Also work at getting backlinks to pages other than your homepage. You never know where someone will enter your site from.

5. Market Samuari. This is an excellent tool to use for keyword research.

Developing a large keyword list gives you a plan for search engine optimization and developing backlinks around unique keywords relating to the theme of your site.

6. Relevancy. Backlinks that come from sites that are relevant to the theme of your site is what you are shooting for.

Search engines understand that you cannot totally control who is linking to your site. However, what you are doing is creating your own little mini web and keyword relevancy is an important part of getting quality backlinks.

There are many strategies for developing website backlinks. Some that continue to work well include article marketing, blogging, blog comments, and posting and discussion forums.

You can purchase links and have somebody do this for you. Many Internet marketers are having very good luck hiring an outsourced worker for around $300 a month. Pay them to handle all of your backlink efforts.

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