Omega Leadership Is Knowing That Self Mastery, Strength Of Action And Strength Of Relationships Is A Never Ending Quest

As a leader do you believe it’s good or bad to reach the level of awareness where you come to the realization that the more you know the less you actually know? I know, when I graduated from high school, I thought I was pretty smart, top 10% of the class on my way to college. But another four years of education in one relatively narrow niche you soon learn there is a lot more to know. When it comes to leadership training most of us are left to learn it on our own. As we rise up the corporate ladder we get conditioned to be comfortable with our current position, not to rock the boat too hard so few strive to take leadership to the next level.

When you start you own home business it becomes a whole new ball game because to survive you have to step up and perform in the top ten percent.

What are your current beliefs? And how did you arrive at this current level of awareness? How much higher do you believe that you have to climb as a leader to get to get your business in the top ten percent in order to survive? It’s actually not that hard. Take a good look around. Who are the top leaders in your industry? And ask yourself can I follow like a leader, there is always more to learn.

The more you know the more there is to learn is a paradoxical concept that keeps champions in a never ending quest of learning and growing. The person who believes he knows it all will rarely be interested in personal growth. Average people seek mental comfort. They believe they already have a high level of awareness, and that they don’t need to increase there awareness to achieve top results. There’s a real fear of moving out of the comfort zone. Give that fear a name and it becomes a problem. It’s easier to solve problems than conquer fear. Is this why ninety percent of businesses fail?

Omega leaders realize how little they know and that the more they increase there awareness the more likely it is that they will succeed in life. They realize that the more aware they become the more joy, love and peace they will experience. Ask yourself: Am I growing or dying? Because stagnation does not exist in the universe, so if the answer is dying, make a decision today to become more aware and begin growing.

“It’s Tempting To Sit And Wait For Life To Come To You. But It Can’t, It’s Too Busy. Life Is Out There. You Have To Go For It.” – Harry Beckwith

School is never out for champions!

The road to success is not always a road. That’s why I searched out the best home business leaders and trainers I could find. I’ve found just such an opportunity and I invite you to join me. I can help you! - Lee Coates

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