The Power Of Your Personal Story, Ideas That Will Change Your Life

Personal Story Ideas For Some Are Tough To Express

personal storyBo Eason has made the training people to bring their personal story ideas out into the open. In doing so these people are connecting with their audiences on a scale they have never seen before.

Bo’s fearless approach to life is infectious. I encourage everyone to step up and stop spending so much energy hiding your truth. What is behind the curtain is the most interesting and powerful! Bo gets it out of you…on the page and to the stage better than anyone.

I encourage everyone to go here and watch this video.

personal story ideas

I hope that after getting your mindset straight about the Power of your Personal Story, you see the impact you’ll have on the world.

Did you do your homework? Did you share the story you CAPTURED?

We both agree, this kind of work is NOT for the faint-of-heart. But we also agree, it’s our job to expand our PURE human expression while the rest of our culture is shutting down.

That’s our job — to express for those who cannot.

This was taken from as email I received from Bo today.

Hope you enjoyed it.

personal story ideasDo you have a personal story? I’d like to read your comments about how you use your personal story ideas.

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Go Out And Express Your Personal Story Ideas As If Your Life Depends On It, It Does!

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