The Art Of Problem Solving – It’s Up To You

Are You A Wussy Problem Identifier Or A Master At The Art Of Problem Solving?

The art of problem solving

the art of problem solvingOften, we’re hesitant to identify a problem out of fear we can’t solve it. Knowing that we have to live with something that we’re unable to alter gives us a good reason to avoid verbalizing it–highlighting it just makes it worse.

While this sort of denial might be okay for individuals (emphasis on might), it’s a lousy approach for organizations of any size. That’s because there are almost certainly resources available that can solve a problem if you decide it’s truly worth solving.

The Art of problem solving

  • Be crystal clear on the problem. If you are going to solve a problem – what is your objective? What exactly are you needs to be done? Be crystal clear on what the objective is that will solve the problem. If you can’t define the objective – you are part of the problem.
  • the art of problem solvingOnce you are crystal clear on what the problem is and what it takes to solve it, You’ve got to ask the question – Do I really want to solve this problem and by what time? You can’t save the world in a day and if it’s a simple mater of being out of milk, well maybe you just delegate it to you teenager to go to the corner store. Some problems aren’t worth the time and effort – make that decision and get on with life. But if the answer to the question is yes it’s time to take the bull by the horns and prepare to get dirty.
  • Big problem almost always can be broken down into a series of tasks, or smaller problems. Sometimes one of the smaller problems is the root cause of your bigger problem. In any event keep breaking the tasks and smaller problems down until you have a series of steps to follow.
  • Now it’s time to take the next step in the art of problem solving and that is to come up with The Plan. A plan is nothing more than a series of steps leading to the objective. You need to assess the resources you have and define the resources you need. Can you do it yourself or do you need a team? What can you outsource? Define your plan – string those steps together in a logical manner.
  • the art of problem solvingTake the First Step. And always knowing what the next step is – is the art of problem solving.


Put yourself and your people on a path to finding problems without regard for whether or not they are capable of solving them. Queue them up, prioritize them and then go find the help your organization needs to solve them.

Just because you don’t know what to do about it doesn’t make it less of a problem.

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The Art of Problem Solving – It’s Up To You.


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