Bo Eason on the Power of a Personalized Story

People Want to Follow a Leader and Leaders Tell Their Personalized Story All the Time

Tell Your Personalized StoryBo Eason is a fantastic actor and at the Pro Elite Summit Week at the Atlantis Resort this past December, I was there as he acted out his personalized story for us and trained us in how to put together our own personalized  story.

Bo’s story is about a 10 year old kid who decides he is going to become a pro football prayer. He puts together a 20 year game plan on  how he is going to the win at the Super Bowl game. His is a story of tenacity, perseverance and sticking to a plan until he reached his goal.

He gives som amazing insights on life success and how you should have a personalized story as he answers questions after performing his one-man autobiographical play, “Runt of the Litter.” The former Houston Oiler describes the importance of finding and physicalizing your personal story and says it’s the most significant thing you can do to improve your business results.

Watch this video and get inspired.

Leadership requires openness to be effective. You can impress people from a distance, but you must get close to influence them. When you do that they see your flaws. However Rick Warren (author and pastor) notes -

“The most essential quality for leadership is not perfection but credibility. People must be able to trust you.”

Most people don’t want to admit their mistakes, expose their faults, and face up to their shortcomings. They don’t want to be discovered. They don’t get to close to people because of the negatives in their lives. And if people receive a leadership position, the urge to hide their weakness can become even stronger.. Most people believe they must show strength as a leader. But when they maintain that kind of stance they can not build authentic relationships.

This in where your personalized story comes in. To develop authentic relationships, leaders need to be authentic. They must admit their mistakes. They must own up to their faults. They must recognize their shortcomings. In other words they must be the real deal. Your personalized story puts you squarely in that space. It’s a valuable place to be for a leader. And truthfully, it is one of the main reasons many leaders never progress beyond a leadership level where they simply have a title.

What’s your take on this – your comments are welcome.

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Your Personalized Story – A Powerful Boost To Your Prosperity.

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