“Action Leadership Mastery” For Business Success

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Leadership Defined The Introduction

I believe Robin Sharma has a great definition of leadership.

“Always be delivering outrageous value, always  leave every person they meet better than they found them, they want to leave every client that they touched better than the first time they found them, they want to add value, and be merchants of WOW. And to me that is what leadership is all about.”

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An Overview To The 10 Action Steps

Action Takers Lead the Way

It’s actually not all that hard to get above 90% of the people around you.

One of the traits of a good leader is the ability to take action in any situation. Here are 10 simple action steps. If you apply them to every situation and every task, you will be considered a top 10%er by your peers.

  1. What is the Objective? You have to be crystal clear on this or you can’t possibly succeed. This is essential. This is your compass. The objective determines the direction you are headed in.
  2. What is the Plan? Devise it yourself or get help from your associates. The plan is what gives you the straightest possible path from where you are now to the objective.
  3. What Resources Do You Have and What Resources Do You Need? This is critical to the success of any plan. You need resources to make any plan work. If just one of those resources is not available your plan is not going to work. So now is the time to revise your plan.
  4. What Challenges Or Obstacles Might Come Up? You may have made assumptions, some things may not be confirmed, or you may know of some weak areas in the plan. If you have contingency plans you are less likely to stumble.
  5. Are You Communicating Clearly? You can’t keep the plan all to yourself. Train you team, and communicate with all involved constantly. If the plan is large enough communication systems may have to be set up.
  6. What Is Your Feedback System? You are steering the ship – you need to know what’s going on. Is the plan unfolding as planed?
  7. What’s The Next Step? Any successful plan is nothing but a series of Small steps. Everyone involved needs to know this. You don’t want things to come to a screeching halt because the next step is unknown.
  8. What Adjustments Can You Make? Nothing ever goes perfectly as per plan. Constant adjustments are part of the game.
  9. How Do You Celebrate? You’ve seen an athlete cross the goal line or score a goal and make that famous gesture. Celebrate your victories – embed them in your mind! Give praise often, show your appreciation.
  10. What’s Your Next Objective? Champions don’t rest on past glory – there’s always a new challenge. Momentum is a wonderful thing! Tackle the next objective.

Combine these 10 steps with the mental toughness of true companions and you can elevate yourself to the top 3% in leadership.

And don’t forget to follow like a leader when you’re not the leader.


Step 1  What Is The Objective

If the goal is very, very clear the next step, coming up with a plan to achieve the objective becomes much easier. This is the foundation that you are building you reputation, your sense of worth upon. Become the rock – get this step right.

Leadership Step # 1 – What Is The Objective?



Step 2  What Is The Plan


Expect to succeed. Be optimistic. Have confidence (even if it is an act).

No one will follow someone who does not exude confidence. Be a champion.

You’re the leader.

Leadership Step # 2 - What Is My Plan?



Step 3  What Resources Do You Have and

What Resources Do You Need?


In Step 3 Clearly Define

  • What resources do You Have? and
  • What resources do you need?



Step 4  What Challenges Or Obstacles Might Come Up?


Above all expect to succeed.

Make sure nothing can stop you.

Be bigger than any problem.

Remember you’re not perfect – but you don’t have to be.



Step 5  Are You Communicating Clearly?



Are You Communicating Clearly?

Reason with passion to inspire people!

You either affect or infect others!

Be Optimistic,

Exude Enthusiasm,

Be Proactive


Step 6  What Is My Next Step?


You really only need to know one thing. What is the next step?

Make the step small if in doubt, but always know based on your plan.

What is the next Step?


Step 7  What Is Your Feedback System?



Step 8  What Adjustments Can You Make?

Think about it, how often do your plans go perfectly from the get go? Well; hardly ever. So what do the best leaders do? They are constantly asking this question. What adjustments can I make?

“Daily ripples of excellence – over time – become a tsunami of success” Robin Sharma



Step 9  How Do You Celebrate?

Step 9  Celebrate


Step 9 in the leadership success system is to celebrate all your successes and achievements no matter how small.



Step 10  What’s Your Next Objective?

Leadership Success Step 10




Affirmations For Entrepreneurial Leadership

Here’s the thing.

You have to get these steps embedded in your brain so they are automatic in every situation.

So I’ve made a mind movie that you need to play every day for at least a month. Better still if you play it multiple times a day.


I have created a separate page with this movie on it, to make it easy to access.

Bookmark this page.




Be A 3% Leader

One of my mentors Steve Siebold sent me this quote today. I thought you would enjoy thinking about this leadership trait.

My good friend Jim Cathcart is one of the great authors, speakers and thinkers in the world today. He recommends we ask ourselves this critical thinking question every day: ” How would the person you would like to be, do the thing you’re about to do?”

That question has been a life changer for me. Give it a try and see how it impacts you.

All the best,

Steve Siebold, CSP

Mental Toughness

“Mental toughness allows you to live life on your terms.

It’s when you finally realize you can have or do anything if you’re willing to overcome the addiction to caring about what other people think.”

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Leadership Is Knowing That Self Mastery, Strength Of Action And

Strength Of Relationships Is A Never Ending Quest

“It’s Tempting To Sit And Wait For Life To Come To You. But It Can’t, It’s Too Busy. Life Is Out There. You Have To Go For It.” – Harry Beckwith

School is never out for champions!         Read the article

“Act without doing;
work without effort.
Think of the small as large
and the few as many.
Confront the difficult
while it is still easy;
accomplish the great task
by a small series of small acts.”

(From the Tao Te Ching)