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Hey once in a while you need to read an article that kicks your butt for becoming complacent in some of the things you do.

Jeff Herring has this great article on YouTube tips. I kick myself for all the traffic I have lost for not doing some of this stuff.Solutions

Your 7 Step YouTube Blueprint For Traffic & An Online Presence

YouTube is a great name for the video marketing site because it simply implies – you, on the tube. In other words, when you are harnessing the power of YouTube you are harnessing the power of the video TV screen that most of us grew up with.

With video you have such a powerful resource to build an online presence and drive traffic. There’s just a few things you need to do to make sure you are getting your fair share of traffic and online visibility.

Your 7 Step YouTube Blueprint

Step 1 – Your name – When you get your YouTube account, get your first one in your name. Your niche may change, your focus may change, it’s less likely that your name will. Secure that virtual real estate.

Step 2 – Your brand – Don’t be satisfied with the generic themes that YouTube gives you for your background. Create your own brand visibility. In fact, your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page and Blog should have a similar appearance to help brand you.

Step 3 – Your bio – I know it sounds like your bio should be all about you, right? Wrong. Craft your bio so that it demonstrates the benefits someone is going to get from watching your videos and learning from you.

Step 4 – Your video – If ever you have doubts or apprehension about doing video, please visit my YouTube Channel and check out some of my earliest videos. I’m concentrating so much on the technical end of things that I look angry in some of the first videos.

I hope my more recent ones are a little bit better.

There are 2 basic types of video you can do. One is the talking head video where it is just you chatting about a topic in your niche. The second type brings good news for those of us who might believe we have a face made for radio – screen capture videos! Here you are recording your computer screen while talking and you don’t even have to show up in the video at all.

Step 5 – Your video file – Big insider tip here! This tip helps your video to rank higher on YouTube for your main keyword(s). When you are saving your video file, do not call it “video 1″ or something like that. Name it with your main keyword(s).

Step 6 – Your video title – Make sure the first four words of your video title contain your keyword(s). So the title “The Top 3 Ways to Skin a Possum” becomes “Strategic Possum Skinning – The Top 3 Ways to Skin a Possum.”

Step 7 – Your video description – This is where most marketers lose out at best, or put their prospect to sleep at worst. Most folks will use their description to say “This video is about……” ZZZ

Use your video description much like you would your Resource Box in an article. Invite your prospect to one of your web pages, preferably an opt-in page, where they can get more good information from you in exchange for their email address. This one tip will bring you so much more traffic from your YouTube videos.

Jeff Herring

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