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I had recently set up a website and forgot to turn on Akismet. I didn’t log in for a month but when I did I found I had over 4000 decent comments or so I thought until I looked a little closer. The back link bots had found me. What a waste of time deleting all that stuff. The same happens on facebook, people pushing their opportunities on my page. They are not the type of people I would like to join or buy from. And so it goes for other social media sites.

Here is a great article Lena wrote on the proper way to do social media.

Social networking is a lot like going to parties: People go there to have fun, socialize, talk about themselves, get to know one another and engage in silly behavior.

And that’s why talking about your MLM opportunity on the social networks is a BIG mistake.

Going on places like Twitter, Facebook and Linkdin and start telling people about your products or biz opp is no better than being at a real, physical get-together and walk around the room trying to get the other guests to buy stuff from you.

I guarantee you aren’t going to be the most popular person at that party.

The “softer” approach of inconspicuously sneaking your website link into a Facebook greeting or blog post comment, is not as subtle as it may seem like to the newbie doing it.

In fact, it’s about as subtle as shaking hands with someone at a party and “accidentally” dropping a business card into their coat pocket while they’re looking the other way.

Oh sure, they’re going to discover your card later and go like “wow, I’m so glad his business card dropped into my pocket…lucky me – let me buy some stuff from this guy right now.” And they’ll neeeever put two and two together…

Yeah right.

Now, let me ask you this:

What if, instead of plastering their links on people’s Facebook walls or “discreetly” sneaking them into messages and signature links, the network marketer continued to build and nurture the relationship they started with the person at the party…just somewhere else, in a different venue?

What if they invited their new contact to hang out at their home? “Home” as in their BLOG?

Your blog is your “house”, your home base. While you’ll never want to send the person you just met at a social media party to your store (replicated company page), inviting them to your home (blog) to continue socializing makes all the sense in the world.

Your blog is where your new contacts get to learn more about you and what you stand for. Here, they have an opportunity to connect with you at a much deeper level than they did at the party. This is where they really get to know you.

They see your pictures, they read your story, they relate to you…

The more interesting they find your blog to be and the more valuable the content posted on it, the more inclined your guests will be not just to stick around, but to come back to visit.

And with every visit, with every interaction, the more they will get to know you, trust you and like you. This, again, will make them more likely to buy from you. (Attraction Marketing 101: We all prefer to buy from those whom we like, trust and respect.)

The social networks are not a place where people go to shop. They go there to – drum roll, please – SOCIALIZE.

If you want to get business from social media marketing, the #1 rule is to keep social media etiquette:

Don’t try to sell at parties. Instead, invite your new friends to your home (blog) where you serve them lots of tasty appetizers (free training, tips & tools), which will make them hungry for more.

Some are going to enjoy the appetizers so much they’re going to want to order the main course (joining you in your opportunity)…

Yes, indeed: chances are that before long they’re going to start asking you questions about what you do. Where you learned all this great stuff…how they can get to work with you and really tap into your knowledge and resources.

And, of course, when THEY ASK, it’s perfectly okay to talk about it…!

I really hope this makes sense – good luck!

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