SEO Article Writing: 15 Tips For Writing Properly Optimized Articles

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Keywords The Ultimate of the Internet Marketing Tools

Keyword Tools

Here’s an article I have found at, it talks about keywords which are the ultimate internet marketing tools. The goal in article marketing is to get on the first page of the search engines. This requires your to choose your key words with care. Ideally you want words that get a ton of searches, but the problem is they often appear in lots of pages which means you have lots of competition and will not appear on the first page unless you are also doing a lot of other SEO strategies. You also want words that have a high commercial index, meaning they are used by buyers not browsers. So the ideal keyword phrase for articles has to have a lot of searches, does not appear in many pages on the web and is used by buyers. Happy Hunting!

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In order to get the maximum results from your article marketing efforts, I encourage you to learn about keywords, do keyword research, and then learn how to correctly do SEO article writing with your keywords.

Easier said than done, especially when it comes to correctly doing SEO article writing.

I’ve seen some atrocious attempts where the article ceases to be useful and just becomes a vehicle for keywords.

That is not what you are going for.

Your goal (as always) is to write a top quality article that is useful to your target readers and is attractive to publishers.

Below is a collection of 15 of the most needed tips for anyone who is trying to use keywords in an article marketing campaign:

1 – Write your article around long tail keyword phrases.

(See resources at the end of this post for more info about long tail keyword phrases.)

2 – Use your main keywords in your HTML resource box.

3 – When doing article marketing for a local niche (where the name of a city or other location is part of the keyword term), save the location specific keyword term for the HTML resource box, and write the article around on the more general niche.

4 – The HTML resource box is the best resource box for targeting keywords (as compared to the text resource box). The idea is to use your keyword phrase as anchor text for the link that goes back to your website. To get the best results from article marketing, learn how to use the HTML resource box.

5 – Have a list of keyword phrases (20-30 phrases) to rotate in your articles. Come up with interesting article ideas, and see how you can naturally incorporate one of your phrases into your title

6 – Or, for each of your 20-30 phrases, come up with a few title ideas and then write an article to satisfy the title.

7 – Always use correct grammar and spelling in your articles. If you are trying to incorporate a certain keyword term, then be sure that the sentence you place it in is grammatically correct.

8 – Be sure that your title is grammatically correct as well.

9 – If your keyword phrase has a spelling error, do not use it in your articles. To deliberately put a spelling error into your title or article compromises the quality of your article.

10 – Also, in your resource box, be sure that you are using your keyword terms in a natural sounding way. Use full sentences, incorporating the term into a sentence, and be sure that correct spelling and grammar are at play.

11 – When you choose the particular keyword term that you would like to target in your article, naturally incorporate the term in your title and into the first paragraph of your article, if possible.

12 – If you cannot naturally include the keyword term in your first paragraph (or close to your first paragraph), then include it at the earliest point in the article where it will naturally fit.

13 – Do not go overboard with using keywords in your articles–pick one long tail phrase for the article and a main phrase for the HTML resource box. Use the phrase in the title and towards the top of the article, if you can.

There is no need to use the phrase in every paragraph. Not only does this not sound natural, but many directories have keyword density tools that will automatically decline an article that it has determined to be using a certain keyword phrase too often.

14 – Be sure that the title that you create using your keyword phrase actually relates to the article body. Create your title first, then write an article to satisfy the title.

15 – Remember, first and foremost, you are writing for human readers. Your SEO article writing will not be successful if a human reader cannot understand or get value from your articles.

Some of the above tips are referencing ideas that need more explanation, such as how to create an HTML resource box or what are long tail keyword terms.

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