Increase Blog Traffic Is To Get Cheap Traffic


Here is a blogging solution to increase blog traffic


It has been common knowledge that you have to use SEO techniques if you want blog posts to rank well in the search engines. The most common technique is to use lots of back links.

For most of us just getting started out in the internet marketing field this can be frustrating. A lot of the experienced marketers either out source or have assistants whose job it is to multipurpose the content – creating back links the the content on the main blog.

Many of these Pro’s have been blogging for years and blogging often and the result is that their blog domains have achieved a higher ranking than the average Joe’s blog site. This higher ranking also affects where content ranks in the search engines.

So the deck is stacked against the enthusiastic marketer just starting out.

It takes time and effort to learn the latest SEO techniques. Techniques that quite often change. Ct also takes a fair amount of time consistently to carry out these SEO tactics. And it takes months if not years to get a domain with a high ranking. An that ranking depends on a lot of consistent hard work to keep ever increasing amounts of traffic coming to your site.

So what to do?

Well here is one possibility that can help level the playing field and bring you cheap blog traffic.

What if you could get your blog hosted on a high ranking domain right from the start? Wouldn’t that be one of the best blogging sites?

My six year old blog has an Alexa page rank of 3 million +/-. Another blog I have which is part of a group of internet marketers has a rank of 34,000+/-. Not Bad for $45/ Mo.. (a low rank number is better) But how would you like a blog on a domain that has a page rank of around 2000?

Dave Wood has recognized the problems faced by beginner internet marketers an has created a blogging membership site on such a high ranking domain. On this site it is easy to get placed in the search engines with long tail key words. with little or no SEO effort and the more competitive key words take considerably less SEO effort.

For $25 per Mo. this seems like a good deal to get website traffic. But it gets better. There a community you are part of. and training is also available. But the best part is, you get full resale right to this membership site.

Bring in 3 or 4 members and you are getting paid to blog while you are building your brand and authority in your chosen niche. Do you want to really make your blog prosper? Get a 100 members an you have a full time income ( watch my video 100K Membership Sites) while you blog about what you love!

Here is the link to learn more about the best blog site.

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