Good news For Entrepreneurs

There is good news if you are an entrepreneur.

Two major shifts are taking place in today’s world.  In today’s business world, the entrepreneur has the ability to compete directly with “old business”, and these 2 key elements explain why.

The first shift has literally eliminated and created thousands of new industries and business models — that shift is caused by the Internet.

The Internet gives the entrepreneur incredible power and reach, allowing us all to compete with virtually any company, wherever it’s located.  This is good news for the entrepreneur! Old school companies who have figured this out are also reaping substantial rewards.

The second shift, which isn’t as visible in the market but is very powerful, is that our whole society is changing the way that it makes buying decisions.

Today people are desperate for authenticity, transparency and honesty. The old over the top high pressure sales pitch are no longer working.

In the following Tedx in Calgary video, Michael Drew explains this phenominum.

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