Does Your Resource Box Have Star Quality?

Internet Marketing Tools for rising stars

Internet Marketing Tools For Rising Stars

I found this interesting article on resorce boxes which tied in to a webinar I attened last night. Article marketing is one of the great internet marketing tools.

Here are some resource box tips from the webinar.

  • Start the resource box paragraph with the word “And”  and make a flow of thought from the article above.
  • Make the resource box feel like it is the last paragraph in the article.
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Make sure you include an invitation to action.
  • Customize your resource box for each article.
  • This is your link to your prospect. You may need to spend as much time on the resource box as you did on the whole article above. You’ve only got this one shot to make a connection

So here is the article from the weblog  of Read it and get some internet marketing solutions

Recently we went over some dos and don’ts for your resource boxes, so theoretically, you know what to do and what not to do.

I know that it’s one thing to hear something explained, but quite another to actually do.

Let’s put theory into practice today.

I thought it would be helpful if we looked at some really stellar resource boxes and analyzed why they are so good.

What does a great resource box look like?

1 – Article: I Love Italian Travel- Wine Touring In Umbria has this resource box:

Levi Reiss has authored or co-authored ten computer and Internet books, but prefers drinking fine French wine with the right foods. He teaches computers at an Ontario French-language community college. Visit his Italian travel website and his global wine website with a weekly column reviewing $10 wines and new sections writing about and tasting organic and kosher wines.

There are two links in there, and that is fine because they are both related to the topic of the article. Author tells who he is and why we should regard him as an expert on his topic. He gives a great incentive to visit his website–there is a weekly column reviewing $10 wines, etc. Overall an excellent resource box.

2 – Article: Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss And Willpower has this resource box:

Sherri Frost is a Certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner and Neuro-Linguistic Love-n-Life Coach who helps people overcome stress, habits and fear so you can enjoy all life has to offer. Do you want to learn more about self hypnosis for weight loss? Get your free ebook here

It looks as if this author has put some thought into her resource box. It sounds professional, and she offers enough bio info to assure the reader that she is qualified to write on her topic. She has an incentive that would draw anyone interested in this topic–a free ebook.

I also like the way that she puts a question in there–”Do you want to learn more?” This is a way of engaging the reader–when you ask the reader a question, it follows that the reader will answer. Your first meeting with your reader is through your article–that is extremely remote.

Asking a question helps get some interaction going, and it also conveys that you are interested in the reader. If you can convey that you are interested in the reader, that makes it more likely that the reader will be interested in you and take the initiative to get in touch with you.

3 -Article Growing Vegetables In The Garden has this resource box:

Zack Wilson is an avid organic gardener, for more comprehensive information on vegetable garden preparation visit my website where you will also find many articles on organic gardening, problems with gardening, easy steps to organic gardening, making money with your garden and much much more.

He did a smashing job on that resource box, providing all the info required–bio, incentive to click through, website link, etc.

He has two links in the resource box, with one going to a specific page on his website about vegetable garden preparation (and appropriately used those keywords to form the link to that page), and also at the end he has a written out link to his main site.

Sometimes you will see resource boxes that have both types of links–links that use keywords as anchor text (like the link above for ‘vegetable garden preparation’) and also a link where you can see what the URL is.

I think that is a good idea, because you get the best of both worlds.

You get the benefit of the anchor text link–a link that uses your keywords speaks more powerfully to Google than a regular written out URL link.

And the written out URL link allows the reader to see what your website address is. It is beneficial to get your website addy in a person’s head–they may not click the link right now, but if they remember your website address, they can go there later.

Your Homework

1 – Use these resource boxes as guides in creating your own astoundingly good resource box.

2 – Share your revamped resource box with us in the comments.

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