How To Start A Blog Made Simple

How To Start A Blog Is So Easy Anyone Can Do It

How To Start A BlogIt’s Time to get started, but you are still confused about, how to start a blog. You are not comfortable as to where to start. I want to show you that it’s quick and painless by providing you the steps and some tips that really work.

How To Start A Blog – First Step – Define Your Niche

What’s your blog going to be about? Where do your passions lie? What is it that you absolutely love to do. That’s the starting point for a great blog.

If you own a business you love or sell a product or service you ar passionate about, you first blog should probably be related to those interests. Do a little keyword research on the favorite products you offer. You may find a narrower niche that you are really passionate about.

For example. If your business  has to do with pets. You could blog about obedience training, or about how to choose the right pet.

Whatever you choose, the objective should be an authority in the area of expertise that you have chosen. To brand yourself as an expert.

How To Start A Blog – Second Step – Choose The Software Program

There are a few to choose from – WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and Movable Type. But if you want one that is easy to use and customize, the WordPress is your choice. With WordPress you have a lot of tools or plugins to choose from to customize your blog with and most of them are free.

How To Start A Blog – Third Step – Build The Actual Blog

This is where the fun begins. You can approach this in several ways.

1st, you con hire a geek or a designer to do the work for you. But remember this, pretty websites do not necessarily mean more sales and designers don’t know how to t market. Most designers will want you to set up a number of web pages, Just remember you are the one who has to take the time to provide the content for those pages. Your goal is to start blogging to get some leads, so maybe some of those pages can be left for later

Alternative number two is to set up the blog yourself. Here are the steps, buy a domain name, engage a website hosting service, get WordPress installed on your site, find a WordPress theme and get it installed (there are thousands of free ones available) and now it’s time to customize WordPress with some plugins, and adjust the settings. Now it’s time to start blogging, create some new pager, add content and blog posts. If this sounds like too much geeky stuff for you, you can easily find some one on the web or someone local to do some or most of it.. You can also search Google for videos on how to do all of this stuff.

The third alternative is to get a blog already set up for you as part of a membership site that you can join. The membership I use and recommend is the Empower Network. These guys are target focused on training you to get your content found on the first page of the search engines. They accomplish this through their training videos an the blog you get is on a very high ranking domain. As a bonus you get to sell the membership and receive 100% commissions – essentially your own membership site with its recurring income.

How To Start A Blog – Fourth Step – Blog to Your Hearts Content

Are you going to blog to get sale or to provide information? How frequently should you blog? For a hobby blog or general interest blog, consider once a week as the minimum. You want the search engines to pick up your content so don’t blog less than orce a week..

For business bloggers who want lots of traffic to their site, You need to post more often. It’s recommended that you post a piece of content every day. Your goal is to get found on page one of the search engines where all the searchers are. This requires training to understand some simple SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and how to do keyword research. This is the best reason for recommending Empower Network, because of their laser focus on getting content to the first page of the search engines.

Choose how often you want to blog and then set up a schedule to do it. The thing to remember is that your readers will be expecting fresh content regularly and that it is your job to provide it.

How To Start A Blog – The Fifth Step – Get Visitors To Drop by

Once you have something for your visitors to read and look at, It’s time to generate some traffic. You can leave links on social media sites, do social bookmarking, Visit the registries and even buy some advertising. At the Empower Network, this is all covered in the advanced trainings.

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How to start a blog is fun and easy, the challenge is having the tenacity to keep on going till the results show up.

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