How to Set Up a Blog Is Easier Than You Think

How to Set Up a Blog? Empower Network Review

The best answer to the the question of  how to set up a blog   is with a blog  already set up for you. There is a membership community out there called the Empower Network who do just that. And here’s the neat part the blog comes with training that is laser focused on how to get your blog posts to the first page of the search results on the search engines. Now as you know, first page rankings means lots of clicks and traffic to your site. And isn’t that what blogging is supposed to be about? Putting your content on the internet where it can be found.

How to Set Up a Blog


So lets take a closer look.

I first heard about the Empower Network from my sponsors in Carbon Copy Pro, Aaron and Sophia Rashkin. I went to the sales page and watched the video and I couldn’t believe what I was watching. A blog completely set up for you on a high ranking domain which supposedly would give a huge advantage in getting to page one of Google for low to medium competition keywords. Well that answered my question of  How to set up a blog. And then to get 100% commissions to resell the membership. Come on – Basically I’d get my own membership site, with monthly residual income, and all the work was being done for me? And then it got crazier still! A second membership site – the Inner Circle monthly training. And even more, 100% commissions on some advanced training products, like having my own personal high end products to sell – This was sounding really crazy.

At first, I thought to myself,  “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Well I ignored the offer, went away for a week to Armand Morin Live event in San Francisco, but when I got back I had another couple of emails from Aaron Rashkin promoting this “how to set up a blog” product.

Now I’ve watched Aaron and Sophia going from newbie internet marketers to seven figure earners and I know they value their reputation very highly. So there had to be something real about the Empower Network and this how to set up  a blog Membership.

I watched the video again and started to get a sense of these two guys (David Wood and David Sharpe) wanting to give back to the community. But the reality was that it was only going to cost $25 to take a look at the basic membership, $100 for the inner circle. Now I’ve spent way more than that on info products before that promised half as much.

So really it was a no brainer to get my credit card out to go take a look.

The Empower Network is the easiest business you will EVER join! , and here’s what I found.
You will not believe how simple the system I saw was. . .

Not until you see it for yourself.

Let me show you a list of some of the things that you receive immediately when you Join The Empower Network:

  1. A simple, ergonomic back office unlike ANY I have experienced yet
  2. A short, concise, easy to understand fast start training
  3. A merchant account, something that can be hard to get for a lot of people.
  4. Unlimited webpages with hosting included ($20/month value alone here)
  5. How To Set Up A Blog ? – Get a professional, easy to customize blog already set up for you.
  6. A free downline emailer
  7. Laser focused training on getting your blog content ranked in the search engines.
  8. And of course 100% Commissions to resell the membership.

There is tremendous value in the Empower Network membership! And that should keep the serious people in the membership for a long time.

Give me your comments. Here is a video on membership site aspect you may be interested in. “100K Membership Site – The Empower Network”

The Empower Network has answered my question – “How to Set Up a blog” – And has changed my life.

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