Create a New Blog and Find the Joy of Blogging

Would You Like To Create A New Blog? A Couple Of Things To Seriously Consider Before Getting Started

create a new blogTo “create a new blog” could be quick and simple or it’s rather a frustrating seemingly complex process for everyone lacking the skill sets. So lets take a look at the options and a few of the choices you will have to make if you create a new blog.

Whenever You Create A New Blog What’s Going To Be It’s Purpose?

Blogs enables you to satisfy several purposes, which range from an easy personal blog to get information back and forth from your friends, into a full fledged business blog / website combination. Here are the things your blog can do for you.

  • A complete website with lots of pages
  • A money making site
  • Used to market a business
  • To create your bland
  • A tool to allow you to be a trusted authority inside your niche
  • Or simply simply a web site to communicate with family and friends

This of course is simply the fist step – to have a clear comprehension of what you anticipate the blog to do for you. Now lets discuss how to accomplish your main goal.

Who Is Going To Create A New Blog To Suit Your Needs

  • Try to do it yourself. There are several videos on YouTube which could teach you how.
  • Employ A Geek. You will get someone local or find someone on the web site such as
  • If your blog/website is complex, you may have to assemble a team of – copywriters, coders, graphic designer, photographer and  a video production team
  • A fairly easy method of getting started is to enroll in a membership such as the Empower Network that provides blog site all set up and ready to go for you and a community of bloggers for support.

Now that you have decided who will perform the job. It is likely you need to allow them to have the detains in order fort them to create a new blog for you the way you would like it.

Blog Design And Features

Here are the details you will need to consider to create a new blog.

  • Domain Name and A Website Hosting Service
  • The Theme, there are loads of free ones to choose from or you can actually engage a theme designer to make one to your specifications,
  • What plugins (additional programing code) do you need to enhance the theme and provide all the functionality that is required.
  • Widgets (the features you see within the side bars in the page) and Sidebar Setup
  • Header and Logo. Do you need to employ a designer to produce them?
  • Title and Subtitle. They ought to include keywords and attract any visitors to explore further and (good copywriting).
  • Footer – The Legal stuff – service terms, disclaimers etc.

All these details, plus the verbiage, pictures and videos has to be provided to the one who will to create a new blog to suit your needs.

Do You Require Training?

Most of us begin with a simple blog and learn as we go. Here are the things you will need to learn eventually.

  • How to operate the various popular features of your new .
  • Content, Pictures, Video, Audio, Finding them and how to use them.
  • SEO – Keywords, Back Links, Indexing etc. – Ways to get your articles found.
  • Book Marking Sites
  • Social Networking sites to link from

Re-purposing Your Articles

  • How to publish articles on the Directories
  • How you can spin content
  • Making audios
  • Making videos

The secret is to learn  one step at a time and practice what you learn as you’re going forward. It’s not necessary to know a lot to begin. Don’t be afraid to create a new blog.

Create A New BlogWhat I recommend is that you simply join a community of bloggers who provide training. A community that believes in abundance and wants to hand back to everyone. The community that I participate in is the Empower Network. They’re an awesome group of people who give great value for their fellow members. You get a blog all set up, plenty of training and also the resale rights for the membership to help you earn a little money.

Your comments and shares will almost always be welcome.


Take It One Step At Any Given Time, Uncover The Joy Of Blogging, It’s Really Not That Challenging To Create A New Blog.

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