Blogging Tips And Tricks For Beginners

More Blogging Tips And Tricks For Beginners

I was on a webinar today and learned a new blogging trick.

Here is the easy way to get your picture images to be the full width of the no matter what area you are trying to insert them in.

Take this image for example.


blogging tips and tricks for beginners


but what if you wanted it to be full width of this post column. Well click the image and then click the edit icon in the top left corner. On the edit screen click the advanced tab.


blogging tips for beginners


See the orange arrows, that’s the size or the image you uploaded (original size), change the width to 100% and leave the height blank. Your  image will now be full width wherever you put it, in a post or in the widget area.


Here is the full width image in the post.

Get Paid To Blog Tips


OK so lets turn this image into a banner and put it in the right side bar. First we need to check on the image to select it. Then click the insert/edit link symbol in the menu at the top of the blog post. The enter destination URL dialogue box comes up. The URL in the box now is the URL address of the image itself in you blog database. You want to change that so that when someone clicks the image they get redirected to one of your landing pages. So insert your landing page URL in place of the image address URL, and hit update.

Now we hit the HTML tab instead of the visual tab up above the menu and go fetch the HTML code for our image. (when you do this you should start with a new post page, and upload the image so it is the only thing on the page , then the HTML code for the image is very easy to find)

Image HTML code

<a href=”/almostasecret.php?id=lee33″ target=”_blank”><img src=”/lee33/files/2012/11/Get-Paid-To-Blog-Discover-How-NO-BORDER.png” alt=”blogging tips and tricks for beginners” width=”100%” /></a>

Copy this HTML code to your clipboard. Now on the left WordPress menu under Appearance (save a draft of your page first) click Widgets. We want to use a text box, so drag the text box from the center of the page over to the right, dropping it in the position you want your new banner to appear. Now paste the HTML image code into the box and click save at the bottom of the box. When I go to the blog page I see my new banner

And there you see it 100% width in the widget area. (if you were wondering why I have 3 different Empower Network banners here – I was testing to see which one got clicked on the most.) You should now test the banner by clicking on it and make sure it goes to your optin page (with the ?id=YOURID in the URL).

 Another Tip

In the image above, of the edit image dialogue box, see the red arrow, if you are putting a smaller image into a post and wrapping the text around the image, you will want some space between the image and the text. I normally set the Horizontal space to 10 or 15 pixels.

By the way that 100% width tip, I learned that from Chris Record in the second video of the Empower Network $15K Formula Course. That was one of more than a couple of dozen tips he gave in his 90 minuet training video on how to blog properly. Chris has made over $75,000 in his first 6 months at Empower Network by doing nothing else but blogging, and promoting his blog posts so they get lots of traffic. This guy really knows what he is doing.

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