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There is a relatively new video sharing service called

When you provide access to one of your videos it translates that video into 20 different formats to work on any device out there. You get a URL to use to share your video as well as an embed code.

I just used it for the first time for the first in a series of videos I will be doing on using video in your business. Have a look.

Direct Mobile Link
get the show on the road.

The reality today is that each mobile device supports a different video format and screen size.
With we keep up to date with the thousands of smart phones, features phones, and tablets
on the market and which type of video they support. When a mobile device visits your url
we automatically detect which type it is and intelligently deliver up the correct video format for
that device. For example if a iPad visits your url we will deliver a beautiful full screen
1024×768 H.264 file, but if a Nokia N900 visits your url we will serve up a 800×480 MP4
video. And the best part is we update as new devices hit the market so once your url
is created you can rest assured that your video can be watched on the latest and greatest.

Take a look at my new universal video url,


Using the Embed Code

HTML5 video made simple.

The brave new world of HTML5 video formats and browser combinations is complex and always
changing. Each major browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) supports a different HTML5 video format
(H.264, WEBM, Ogg) and Internet Explorer still only supports Flash! Now all you need to
remember is very simple piece of HTML5 video code referencing a single url and we do the rest.
For example if a Chrome browser visits your HTML page with the universal embed code we
deliver Google’s new WEBM video format, but if a IE browser visits your page we will fall back to a
Flash player using the Open Source Media Framework.




Direct FLM Play
support for legacy Flash players

Do you still have a Flash player on your site and want to use No problem. We create a
high quality VP6 FLV version of your video and provide a direct FLV url to plug directly into
your custom, commercial, or open source Flash player. JW Player, Flowplayer, or OMS

You would use this link


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