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Internet Marketing Solutions

Here’s an article about one SEO concept that is becoming more important these days. Another one of those internet marketing tools you can use to keep visitors when they first arrive at your site.

Any SEO expert will tell you that search engine optimization (or SEO) is an ever-evolving topic, due to the constant developments in the many search engines’ algorithms – most importantly, Google’s. The latest card that Google has dealt (or at least the one that’s generating the most hype) is called Google Instant.

Google Instant, despite all the hype and banter, is essentially a new way in which Google is displaying search results. Instead of the user typing in a search query and then hitting “enter” in order to receive the results, results are now being reflected (and edited) as the user types in his or her query. Therefore, in theory, a four word query would provide four different sets of results along the way. Internet marketing and SEO forums are labeling this “The Death of SEO”, and all sorts of other outrageous terms, but is it really?

Regardless of how and when Google decides to display results, those results are still driven by optimized sites. The sites which are displayed are the ones that are best optimized, using standard SEO practices. The bottom line is that the fundamentals of SEO are still just as important as they always were. Some of these fundamentals include:

Fresh, Quality Content

Keeping your website well fed with fresh, original and most importantly, quality (useful) content is an SEO “trend” that will never fade away. Online or offline, providing what people want will always ensure success. Don’t let any SEO expert tell you otherwise!

Relevant Links

Working on building your number of incoming links from sites that are relevant to yours, and that have some form of authority will never cease to be one of the most important SEO “chores”. Gone are the days when an SEO company can simply build thousands of “dirty links” that are both irrelevant and low quality – as with content, link quality counts.


Although the page load speed element has only recently become a noted factor in SEO, due to Google’s mentioning thereof, this is a core fundamental to any web site. A slow site will push away visitors, increase your bounce rate, and have a general negative effect on the site as a whole. Be sure to keep your website lightning fast and compatible with all browsers, both for the sake of the search engines and your visitors.

Keep in mind that Google’s aim and goal is to provide each and every user with the most relevant and trusted (linked to) result for their specific query. As long as you align your aims with that by ensuring that you provide the best possible content (and promote it), you will be rewarded by Google.

Trends come and go, but keeping visitor value as your number one aim will see you achieving great SEO success, and allow you to not be “knocked over” by any of the so called “SEO Deaths” that seem to come past every few months!

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