Ever Asked – How Can I Make My Own Website

How Can I Make My Own Website?

how can I make my own websiteThe easiest way for you to make my own website is to set up a wordpress blog site. Using wordpress it is dead simple easy to make a webpage. post articles. videos, pictures or audio content.

Here’s a short article from Seth Godins blog about content on the web.

The most important page on the web is the page you build yourself

The internet is an engine of connection. It has been from the start (email, chat, forums, blogs, social media…)

One reason that so many of the most popular sites online are those that permit people to express and expose their ideas is that those are the pages we care most about. We go back to see how people responded, how the traffic is, what we can do to improve the page.

Lifestyle media isn’t a fad. It’s what human beings have been doing forever, with a brief, recent interruption for a hundred years of professional media along the way. That interruption is fading away, and lifestyle media is resurging. People publish. Instead of denigrating user-generated content (what an obscure way to describe human stories), marketers need to understand that this is what we care about.

We shouldn’t be surprised when someone chooses to publish their photos, their words, their art or their opinions. We should be surprised when they don’t. Source

So back to the question How can I make my own website?
What if
What if all the work -the blog site setup – was done for you?
What if you became part of a community and training was included?
What if you had the resale rights to this blog setup?
You could earn an income from others like you needing a blog.
What if this membership site paid you 100% commissions?

Experienced marketers have described this as Heaven.

But it exists. Click here to learn more about Empower Network

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