Internet Marketing Part Time Or Getting A Part Time Job

I would be willing to bet you right now there is somebody sitting in front of their computer trying to decide if they should quit a part-time job and do work at home part-time online to make money. We most often hear about people wanting to quit their full time job so they can do Internet marketing full Time.

My personal opinion is any job that is bringing in guaranteed money is not something you should quit on a whim. It is something you should give careful consideration to. Let me offer a view things to keep in mind.

1. What is the hourly rate at your part-time job? Once you get going with Internet marketing you can generally earn more on an hourly basis than you would in a part-time job. However, there are very few work-at-home positions that have a guaranteed hourly rate.

2. What hours does your part time job provide? This is a valid especially for stay at home moms or stay at home dads.

If you’re lucky enough to have a part-time job that let’s you work around your kids schedule that is not something you want to give up lightly. If you’ve got more hours that interfere with valuable time with your kids Internet marketing might be just what you need.

3. Do you have Internet marketing skills? Most of the money that is made on the Internet today involves selling stuff.

To do that you need to be able to get traffic to a website. This takes Internet marketing skills and that takes some time to learn. Plus you can plan on spending a certain amount of time a regular basis keeping up to date on changes in the marketplace relating to online traffic generation.

4. Get paid to programs. One way to make money online part is to join get paid to programs.

You no doubt have seen these online in one form or another if you’ve been doing any searching for part-time work on the Internet. These would includeto take surveys, doing data entry, typing at home, and so on.

Writing articles is another way to get paid for work you do. Popular sites include and

On these sites you get paid a set fee to write an article that has been requested by a customer. It’s possible to earn a decent hourly rate part time on these sites and you do control your schedule.

These are a few things to consider on whether you should be doing Internet marketing part-time or getting a part-time job. Only you can determine your availability, skill level, and current financial situation to decide which is the best route for you to go.

If you want more than a job you should check out this opportunity. It’s definitely not get rich quick, but can be very lucrative in the long run. And you get to do what you are passionate about, what you love.

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