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Mutual Fund Secrets Revealed:

The Trillion Dollar Heist

In this Special Report, Greg Habstritt the founder of Simple Wealth focuses on one of the most popular investment vehicles there is, and that the financial industry aggressively sells. I believe this is one of the greatest problems in the financial industry, and it robs more individuals of wealth and freedom than anything else. It’s important to remember that this monster was created by the financial industry in order to serve their interests first and the investor’s interests a distant second. Read More…

The 7 Ugly Secrets of The Finacial Industry

This is a report from Simple Wealth by Greg Habstritt.

This educational report has been written to assist you in understanding some of the littleknown facts about the financial industry. So many Canadians are simply not aware of what’s really going on with their money, and this Special Report will allow you to better understand how to protect your wealth and financial future. Read More…