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You Need More Focus On Success

The Need To Focus On Success – But How Do You Do That?

This video will show you some pearls of wisdom from some of the most successful people in the world. Why do you need to be focused on success? Watch and see — Where you focus goes your energy will flow.

We are the result of our thoughts and actions.

It’s essential that you make a decision and take action if you want to succeed.

Believe! Don’t ever stop believing in your dreams. The key is taking massive action to achieve them. Keep taking action – be determined.

Do what you love. It’s not easy, but when you do what you love you can keep that focus and success will follow.




Only 1% make the entrepreneurial breakthrough.

Change your shoulds into musts.

Be crystal clear on your goals.

Understand your why.

Make a plan and take action.

Don’t be a wussie.

Never give up.


Tony Robbins Video 2012

This Tony Robbins Video 2012 Answers The Question Of What Is Holding You Back From Success

Here is a great Tony Robbins video 2012 with Frank Kern and John Reese you should watch to help you get through that Barrier when you face it!




Tony Robbins Video 2012The “Tony Robbins video 2012″  interview with Frank and John.

Did that help give you some clarity?

your comments would be welcome.



Watch This Tony Robbins Video 2012 Again, I’ll Bet You Get Even More Insights For Your Success


I Am Money

I Am Money — This video was inspired by an article by Greg Habstritt at
Wealth is very much a mental thing.
Do you have the mental toughness to have a millionaire mind?
You can see more posts on wealth at
or at


The Difference Between “Not Here” and “Away”

What I Learned This Week: The Difference Between “Not Here” and “Away”


Well, not really.

I haven’t truly “been away” since the year 2000, when I was also known as “Trial 14.”

That was my identifying name for the BlackBerry prototype given to me (it was the 14th test unit in the country at the time) at a Toronto press conference in May of that year because of my lofty position at mobile media pioneer Airborne Entertainment.

Since then, because of said device and others like it, I’ve been “out of the office,” “on vacation,” “incommunicado” even…but never really “away.”  Since that late spring day at the turn of the millennium, requests, responsibilities, cries for attention and/or calls for action have followed me everywhere.

Because of that, I’ve never been one to lay down one of those “Out of Office” auto-replies, because I knew what everyone else knew–it was a lie. I had access to email, and people had access to me, 25/8.  But no regrets, it was my choice, and I lived with the consequences, both good and bad.

So here’s where I’m going with this–on Friday last week, I sent out three emails to people who DO believe in “Out of Office” notifications.  Here are two of ‘em verbatim, the first friendly and routine, the second terse and almost blaming me for having the nerve to send an email (identities hidden to protect the innocent):

I am currently out of the office on a business trip and will be returning on Monday, April 26.  I will be checking emails periodically.  Should you need immediate assistance, please email or call 310-555-1234. Thank you for your email.


Please note:
My regular work week is Monday – Thursday.


Now there are two ways to do just about anything: the boring-standard or the innovative-exciting.  The first two subscribe to the former.

Here’s the third one, which I’m not only envious of because of its creativity and personality (including its subject line, which was “Yanik has Left The Building,“) but because of the guts of the kindred spirit who sent it.  When Yanik Silver is away from the office, he’s REALLY away:

Thanks for  the note – I’m currently off email until 4/26. So in order to not have a bazillion emails (yes, this is a scientific number, I counted) when I return – your message has been deleted.

But have no fear — if you need an immediate response, please email my Rock Star assistant, Chasity -
or just shoot me a note after April 26th.

However, if you really need something urgently – text my cell phone or try bribing Chasity to find me. (I hear she likes chocolate!)



So what’s the lesson here?

First of all, I don’t see the need for messages the variety of example #1 or #2 anymore. They’re obsolete. If you’re checking your email periodically, or are going to be back in the office on Monday, trust me, we can live with the delay of your response.  What’s more–and what’s worse–is that the onus is on you to deal with me, and the deluge that awaits you, upon your return.

But in Yanik’s case, he flips the funnel. In a way that’s cheeky yet honest, he puts the onus on me to deal with him. I decide–assistant, text message, or re-send after April 26th.  I’m now on his schedule and playing by his rules. And by the way, uh…I’ve been deleted ;)

But here’s what I really learned this week:

I learned the difference between “Not Here” and “Away,” and more importantly, that you CAN truly “Get Away“…if you want to.

Gonna have to try Yanik’s way sometime soon.


P.S. Who is Yanik Silver?

He’s an Author/Entrepreneur/Adventurer with a whole lot more guts than most of us and who’s had way more fun than practically anyone I know.

I called him a kindred spirit earlier in this blog, but that’s a compliment to me; but I’m actually in awe of his accomplishments and his online sales savvy.

Time learning more about him is time well spent.  Check him out at…or for to understand why he gets away from it all, check out his Maverick Business Adventures.


Million Dollar Belief

Here’s a subtle belief.
“Middle class believes hard work creates wealth…world class believes leverage creates wealth.”
Steve Siebold, author, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class