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What’s Holding You Back?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you made a decision about something and all of a sudden it was as if a huge weight was lifted off your shoulders? It’s only happened to me a couple of times, – but boy was it liberating.

Watch this short video from Steve Siebold – my mental toughness coach.

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All It Takes Is A Decision

Here’s a quote from an email Steve sent me today.

“There’s an old saying in performance: “A bet against a champion is a bad bet.”

After interviewing, coaching, and competing against these people for 27 years, I agree. The championship mindset doesn’t know how to quit. You can kick them, beat them, reject and discourage them, and they just keep coming. Just when you think they’re beat they will come back, and at a moment’s notice.

These people are unafraid to lose which means they always play to win. When most people are playing it safe they’re going for gold.


It’s a mindset, personality style and learned set of world-class beliefs, and all it requires is a decision to do it.

Anyone with the courage to challenge middle-class thinking has the potential to become a champion.

If you’re one of them, you already know it.

If you’re not, what are you waiting for?”

- Steve Siebold

Being a leader, a champion, mental toughness — all it is is a decision.


The Power of Mediocrity

“Are you a perfectionist? Do you have the need to win at everything you do? Are you hyper-competitive? Postive thinking purists love to talk about never settlling for less, but in the spirit of critical thinking, could going for the gold in every area of your life actually be costing you? Watch this short video and see what you think. I’ll look forward to your comments.”   Steve Siebold




Wisdom For Aspiring Internet Marketers

There are times in learning the craft of internet marketing when it seems that it is hard, too tough, all the missing pieces, or the geeky stuff gets you. It’s tough for everyone. Keep at it for there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Secrets to Building Your Rolodex

Build Trust

Build Trust

I believe building your Rolodex should be one of those activities that is always at the top of your mind. Your never going to be a screaming success by doing it all by your self. So take a quick read of the paragraph from Steve Siebolt below and learn some tips and tricks. Click the link at the end of the paragraph to watch his video. Enjoy and share.

The Secret of World-Class Success and Security

By Steve

Have you ever wondered how ordinary people break into the circles of the wealthy and successful? How do you gain the trust of someone who earns 10, 20 or 100 times as much as you? I get this question in almost every interview I do, and it’s a subject I’ve spent a lot of time studying, and even more time practicing. I started this process in 1984, and it’s still something I employ every day. Not only will it help to catapult your career, but it will give you a level of security for you and your family that most people only dream of. If you’re looking for a job when unemployment is almost 10%, all you need is the right contacts. The ultra-successful and super-rich have contacts and connections all over the world. One phone call and a recommendation and you suddenly have a new job. This may not be fair, but it’s the way the world works for those who understand the system. While the average person is sending out resumes, world class performers are tapping the most powerful people in their network. I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Forbes Magazine, and I spoke at length about this. The reporter almost seemed offended by this strategy, which is a common response. Don’t fall into this trap. Mental toughness is about getting what you want without hurting anyone else, and the fastest way to get what you want is knowing the right people. I didn’t make the rules, but I have made millions following them. And I’m a minnow compared to others who have maximized this concept to its ultimate potential. Keep an open mind as you watch this 6:26 video segment from my national television show, Mental Toughness Secrets of Champions.  As always, I’ll look forward to your comments.   Steve Siebold   ( 6:26 )  GO TO STEVE”S BLOG TO WATCH HIS VIDEO


Steps To Leadership Success Affirmations

You Need To Embed These Steps In Your Mind

If these ten steps are second nature to you then you will be seen as a leader in everything you do.

So the question is how to get them embedded in your mind so that they come to mind with every task you start?

One of  the best ways is to do affirmations every day for at least 30 days or longer as required. Here are the affirmations in video format. I will put a down loadable version as part of my course. You can get that by entering your name and email on the right side.