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Ever Asked – How Can I Make My Own Website

How Can I Make My Own Website?

how can I make my own websiteThe easiest way for you to make my own website is to set up a wordpress blog site. Using wordpress it is dead simple easy to make a webpage. post articles. videos, pictures or audio content.

Here’s a short article from Seth Godins blog about content on the web.

The most important page on the web is the page you build yourself

The internet is an engine of connection. It has been from the start (email, chat, forums, blogs, social media…)

One reason that so many of the most popular sites online are those that permit people to express and expose their ideas is that those are the pages we care most about. We go back to see how people responded, how the traffic is, what we can do to improve the page.

Lifestyle media isn’t a fad. It’s what human beings have been doing forever, with a brief, recent interruption for a hundred years of professional media along the way. That interruption is fading away, and lifestyle media is resurging. People publish. Instead of denigrating user-generated content (what an obscure way to describe human stories), marketers need to understand that this is what we care about.

We shouldn’t be surprised when someone chooses to publish their photos, their words, their art or their opinions. We should be surprised when they don’t. Source

So back to the question How can I make my own website?
What if
What if all the work -the blog site setup – was done for you?
What if you became part of a community and training was included?
What if you had the resale rights to this blog setup?
You could earn an income from others like you needing a blog.
What if this membership site paid you 100% commissions?

Experienced marketers have described this as Heaven.

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Read More... – Share Your Video on Any Device

There is a relatively new video sharing service called

When you provide access to one of your videos it translates that video into 20 different formats to work on any device out there. You get a URL to use to share your video as well as an embed code.

I just used it for the first time for the first in a series of videos I will be doing on using video in your business. Have a look.

Direct Mobile Link
get the show on the road.

The reality today is that each mobile device supports a different video format and screen size.
With we keep up to date with the thousands of smart phones, features phones, and tablets
on the market and which type of video they support. When a mobile device visits your url
we automatically detect which type it is and intelligently deliver up the correct video format for
that device. For example if a iPad visits your url we will deliver a beautiful full screen
1024×768 H.264 file, but if a Nokia N900 visits your url we will serve up a 800×480 MP4
video. And the best part is we update as new devices hit the market so once your url
is created you can rest assured that your video can be watched on the latest and greatest.

Take a look at my new universal video url,


Using the Embed Code

HTML5 video made simple.

The brave new world of HTML5 video formats and browser combinations is complex and always
changing. Each major browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) supports a different HTML5 video format
(H.264, WEBM, Ogg) and Internet Explorer still only supports Flash! Now all you need to
remember is very simple piece of HTML5 video code referencing a single url and we do the rest.
For example if a Chrome browser visits your HTML page with the universal embed code we
deliver Google’s new WEBM video format, but if a IE browser visits your page we will fall back to a
Flash player using the Open Source Media Framework.




Direct FLM Play
support for legacy Flash players

Do you still have a Flash player on your site and want to use No problem. We create a
high quality VP6 FLV version of your video and provide a direct FLV url to plug directly into
your custom, commercial, or open source Flash player. JW Player, Flowplayer, or OMS

You would use this link



Does Your Marketing Message Ring?

It’s Most Certainly a Beautiful Day on the Internet!

The question is – What’s your marketing message? Watch the Video and learn another of the great internet marketing tools.


Put Yourself In Your Clients’ Shoes – Make Testing Part Of Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy!

Ideas for your internet marketing tools tool box

Ideas For Your Internet Marketing Tools Toolbox

Here is an article I found at about anther one of those internet marketing tools you need in your tool box. What does your site look like in different browsers? You might be surprised.

Read on!

If visitors to your website can’t find what they’re looking for, or understand how to use your site to contact you, order or buy a product from you, they won’t hang around for long. One way to check whether your website is easily navigable could be to ask friends, relatives, or even customers, to test it, and provide you with feedback. Testing should be a key part of your search engine marketing strategy.

Here are some checks to test the usability of your site: -

* Create a list of typical actions a visitor to your site may want to take. These include searching for a product, providing an email address in an opt-in box, clicking through to your affiliate product, or directly buying from your site. Then have your ‘testers’ advise you, in some detail, how your site performed. You can use this feedback to ‘tweak’ and improve your site

* If you are using long pages to provide information, which require users to scroll down, you may consider including ‘back to the top’ buttons throughout the content. This is particularly useful if the top of your page includes links to other pages on your site

* Make sure any hyperlinks, that lead the customer to products, helpful information, or affiliate sites, are clearly defined. Ideally, the links should be underlined, and the text in a different colour (blue is fairly standard)

* Ensure that any keywords you are including, as part of your search engine marketing strategy, are not only the best you can find, but also that they will convert to sales. You may find you are using keywords that clients don’t often use to purchase products. You can check this by putting ‘Online Commercial Intention’ into your browser, and using the free tool provided by AdLabs

* Wherever your site includes images, or video content, make sure that they load quickly. Most users will not sit around for long waiting for a picture or video to load

* Also, make sure any images or videos included are actually there to enhance the user’s experience, either by providing useful information, or a link to a product.

* Test how your site performs on various browsers. Just because you use Internet Explorer, or Firefox, doesn’t mean other users will. The site at is useful for this

* Make your text simple, user friendly, helpful and concise. Keep paragraphs to three or four sentences, and break this up with bullet points, especially to highlight important parts of the text

* Finally, if you are including details of prices, or special offers (maybe provided by a vendor, with you as the affiliate) monitor these regularly to ensure they are accurate and up to date.

When you set up a new website (especially one connected to a money making venture) it can be tempting to rush things to ‘get it out there’. But it really is worth taking time to carry out the above steps to ensure your search engine marketing strategy is ultimately as powerful as possible.

If you want to learn, and apply, a successful search engine marketing strategy, check out . Here you will find amazing FREE Internet Marketing Training that takes you step by step through a complete and easy money making process.

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Your comments and feedback are always appreciated.


Keeping Afloat With SEO Trends

Internet Marketing Solutions

Internet Marketing Solutions

Here’s an article about one SEO concept that is becoming more important these days. Another one of those internet marketing tools you can use to keep visitors when they first arrive at your site.

Any SEO expert will tell you that search engine optimization (or SEO) is an ever-evolving topic, due to the constant developments in the many search engines’ algorithms – most importantly, Google’s. The latest card that Google has dealt (or at least the one that’s generating the most hype) is called Google Instant.

Google Instant, despite all the hype and banter, is essentially a new way in which Google is displaying search results. Instead of the user typing in a search query and then hitting “enter” in order to receive the results, results are now being reflected (and edited) as the user types in his or her query. Therefore, in theory, a four word query would provide four different sets of results along the way. Internet marketing and SEO forums are labeling this “The Death of SEO”, and all sorts of other outrageous terms, but is it really?

Regardless of how and when Google decides to display results, those results are still driven by optimized sites. The sites which are displayed are the ones that are best optimized, using standard SEO practices. The bottom line is that the fundamentals of SEO are still just as important as they always were. Some of these fundamentals include:

Fresh, Quality Content

Keeping your website well fed with fresh, original and most importantly, quality (useful) content is an SEO “trend” that will never fade away. Online or offline, providing what people want will always ensure success. Don’t let any SEO expert tell you otherwise!

Relevant Links

Working on building your number of incoming links from sites that are relevant to yours, and that have some form of authority will never cease to be one of the most important SEO “chores”. Gone are the days when an SEO company can simply build thousands of “dirty links” that are both irrelevant and low quality – as with content, link quality counts.


Although the page load speed element has only recently become a noted factor in SEO, due to Google’s mentioning thereof, this is a core fundamental to any web site. A slow site will push away visitors, increase your bounce rate, and have a general negative effect on the site as a whole. Be sure to keep your website lightning fast and compatible with all browsers, both for the sake of the search engines and your visitors.

Keep in mind that Google’s aim and goal is to provide each and every user with the most relevant and trusted (linked to) result for their specific query. As long as you align your aims with that by ensuring that you provide the best possible content (and promote it), you will be rewarded by Google.

Trends come and go, but keeping visitor value as your number one aim will see you achieving great SEO success, and allow you to not be “knocked over” by any of the so called “SEO Deaths” that seem to come past every few months!

Derek Jansen is the author of the Free SEO Course. Click here to download your free SEO course today!


Article Marketing and Content Creation – 2 Ways to Create Powerful Content in Less Than 30 Minutes

On the internet content is king! How about these 2 internet marketing tools to make you a successful content creation wizard. This is simple stuff and that makes internet marketing the best home business. This article is by the master article marketer Jeff Herring, enjoy.

Article Marketing provides you with the 5 pillars of success in Online Marketing: content creation, online visibility, traffic generation, list building, and product creation.

In this article you are going to learn and discover 2 strategies for content creation that allow you to create powerful content in 30 minutes or less. This will be powerful content that can compel your reader and prospect to scoop up your content and do business with you.

The 7 tips strategy

Choose a specific topic in your niche and come up with 7 tips, suggestions, warnings, strategies, etc. that you could give to an ideal client or customer. Don’t worry if you can’t come up with exactly 7. if you come with less than seven, use those. If you come up with more than seven, save the extra ones for another piece of content.

For each tip, create about 60 or so words of explanation for the tip. Here you are just basically explaining the tip and giving suggestions for how to use it.

Once you have done this you have a nice piece of content that delivers useable information to your reader and prospect.

The 3 mistakes strategy

This is a great way to create content because most people cannot pass up an article with the title of “Are you making any of these 3 deadly mistakes?” You just have to find out – either out fear that you are or pride and relief that you are not.

Choose a specific topic in your niche and identify the 3 most common mistakes most people make in this area. For each mistake, simply name the mistake and then explain how easily the mistake can be made. The reaction you want from your prospect is “Yep, that sounds just like what happened to me (or my friend, relative or acquaintance).

And then I want you to do something most people do not do: tell them what to do instead of the mistake. This will set you apart from most content creators and really endear you to your prospect.

The cool thing about each of these strategies for creating your content is once you have created it, you can now go smaller and larger.

You can now go smaller by taking one tip or mistake and using it as a Social Marketing update. And you can now go larger by expanding each piece of content into various information products and resources.

And now you can claim your Free Instant Access to the Audio Replay of my Content Creation Workshop TeleSeminar where you can create your own content as you listen, when you visit

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From Jeff Herring and the Great Article Marketing Network.

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